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PANDARES Art Studio London PANDARES Art Studio London Gallery
PANDARES ART STUDIO is the eclectic workspace for the colours' inspirational artworks of Paolo Esposito.

The Studio is a space committed to modern arts and abstract paintings predominantly. It was opened with the aim at exploring inner sensitiveness and promoting vibrant connections, focusing on the potential emerging out of artistic expressions in all potentials forms – innovative way of disclosing the artists' reality and powerful in-printing of living-tonalities are distinctive elements evidencing the artistic value of the workspace and characterizing its presence on the contemporary scene.

The studio is an established art-laboratory in the vibrant centre of London, close to St. Paul Cathedral. It is open for vernissage and private viewings.
"let there be light" (March 2013)
After a few experimental pilots have been generated by the combination of natural fabrics, colours and lights over the past months, the first lighting installations of the new collection have been delivered this month. 
For the purpose of promoting young artists PANDARES ART STUDIO works closely with PANDARES ASSOCIATION, established with the main purpose of encouraging, advancing and supporting intercultural dialogue through arts.

Our mission consists in encouraging and supporting young artists (e.g. by financing their studies, promoting their works etc.) and stimulating their vivid creativity by ensuring an international exchange of cross-border ideas and artistic expressions (e.g. by organizing cultural-exchanges' fora and transnational cooperation programmes, sponsoring group-exhibitions etc.).
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