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PANDARES Association
For the purpose of promoting young artists PANDARES ART STUDIO works closely with PANDARES ASSOCIATION, established with the main purpose of encouraging, advancing and supporting intercultural dialogue through arts.

Our mission consists in encouraging and supporting young artists (e.g. by financing their studies, promoting their works etc.) and stimulating their vivid creativity by ensuring an international exchange of cross-border ideas and artistic expressions (e.g. by organizing cultural-exchanges' fora and transnational cooperation programmes, sponsoring group-exhibitions etc.).

Our primary aim consists in setting up a permanent platform where artists from different backgrounds can share and exchange ideas and experiences. In order to achieve this and other goals, the Association is constantly establishing connections with institutions and entities having a similar scope in order to expand geographically the spectrum of the activities, so offering diverse options for the benefit of young artists.

We aim at involving people who love arts in our project in an attempt to stimulate and support cultural diversity and fluid communication among diverse artistic expressions.
Should you be willing to learn more about our activity and/or support our project, please do not hesitate to contact PANDARES ASSOCIATION.

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PANDARES Association
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